Raintree Manor in Hampton Township, PA
April 9, 2013

Neighborhood News & Maintenance Updates

  • Annual Garage Sale – typically scheduled for first Saturday of August.
  • Block Parties – if your family is interested in a Raintree Manor Block Party or you could volunteer to help plan this event, please email us at raintreemanor@yahoo.com.
  • Holiday lighting should be removed by January 31.
  • Continue to be diligent about picking up dog waste and disposing properly.
  • Please remove personal property from lawns and green areas daily after use.
  • Traffic has increased as our neighborhood grows.   Please SLOW DOWN and yield at intersections where no stop signs exist.
  • Homeowners association dues should be paid quarterly;  it is your responsibility to make timely payments.
  • Trash bins should be put at the street on Wednesday evenings after 6:00 pm for Thursday pick up and removed from street as soon as possible.