Compliance and Regulations

Raintree Manor Compliance

We ask that all residents follow the guidelines set up in our Raintree Manor by-laws.  Non-compliance will devalue all of our properties – let’s make a true effort to have the best community possible. Please email if you feel there has been a violation of the rules.


The Township of Hampton requires all dogs to be on a handheld lease at all times. Please be responsible and clean up after your pets immediately and remind other dog walkers to do the same. Violation of the township ordinance could result in a fine of not less than $75.00 or more than $300 plus court costs.

Also, as noted in the Hampton Township website:

The Township of Hampton Leash Law Ordinance requires all dogs to be on a handheld leash, or confined to their owner’s property at all times. Also, dogs may not be tied on public property. Besides being the law, this ordinance is a common sense practice to avoid injury, illness, or loss of your dog. Dogs roaming freely are in violation of the Pennsylvania State Dog Law and the Hampton Township Ordinance and are subject to impoundment by the Township of Hampton Police Department. Owners of dogs running freely may receive a summons and/or a fine. To report a dog running loose or for more information about the leash law ordinance, please call the Police Department at (412) 486-0400 or for immediate response, call 911.

Trash and Trash Cans

Trash and recycling bins may be moved to the curb on Wednesday no earlier than 6:00 pm and should be removed from the street the following day. Trash cans and bins should be stored in your garage and NOT in front yards or rear porches/decks. Please help by picking up any loose trash around the properties. Trash Service is provided by Waste Management and complaints should be directed to Waste Management at 1-800-458-4090.

Front Porches

Do not use front porches or decks for storage – trash, etc. should be stored in the garage.


Please be courteous and park in your driveways or common lots. Parking on the grass is prohibited. Please have your guests park on one side of the street and avoid blocking other homeowners driveway entrances. As posted, no on-street parking is permitted between the hours of 12 AM and 7:00 AM.

Front Doors and Garage

All front doors, garage doors and trim must be painted the same color.  This exterior painting will be completed by the association. Storm doors are to be white full view– before replacing, please check with an association board member for the correct door style and color.

Annual Maintenance

All homeowners are required to perform certain annual maintenance projects to their homes. Below is the schedule for:

  • Decks and Party Walls – Must be stained every 3 years – Years 2023, 2026, 2029, ……..
    • Flood CWF-UV Stain in “Cedar”  is the approved stain color for older units’ decks and wood party walls
    • Behr Semi-Transparent Stain in “Castle Gray” ST-147 is the approved stain color for new  Raintree Drive units’ decks
    • Behr Solid Color Stain in “Navajo White” SC-157 is the stain color for the beige party walls
  • Driveways – Asphalt sealing is required every 3 years – Years 2022, 2025, 2028, ……..

Important Documents